Wednesday, January 28, 2009

three: analyzing

there's analyzing, then there is over-analyzing. since analyzing is good, i do the opposite. i over-analyze. and there you have it: bad habit number three. take something good, do it too much and presto, bad habit.

over-analysis in action:

how did four people i really care about, but never told about this blog, find it so fast? i'm just waiting for my mom to show up. it might remain a mystery, except that i am related to tina. surely, dear readers, you are familiar with the six degrees of separation theory. well, since i am actually a blood relative of tina, the normal six degrees is decreased by exactly three and a half. soon, i should be the most followed blog simply because everyone on the planet knows tina.

which brings me to: how exactly does everyone know tina? tina could find someone she knows in a remote village in djibouti. i hardly know where djibouti is. tina would know at least one person there.

a short list of things i like to analyze (read: over-analyze)
  1. myself
  2. my family
  3. what other people think of me
  4. what i think of other people
  5. how regina spektor ended up on the 27 fucking dresses soundtrack
  6. why i left my christmas tree up until january 27, but never watered it after first bringing it into the house
  7. why i chose to buy a tree someone killed so that i could bring it into my house and make a gigantic fucking mess
  8. why i like drinking
  9. why i like drinking even when it doesn't like me
  10. what i am going to do about my kitchen floor (does not involve drinking)
the last two are just recent, and hopefully fleeting, topics i am currently interested in over-analyzing:
  1. the theory of six degrees of separation (which is questionable - and truth be told, i have already engaged in a thorough over-analysis of this topic sparked by an article in discover magazine several months ago)
  2. stanley milgram (although the validity of his study re six degrees of separation is questionable, his work on authority is very intriguing).
the list goes on. i could easily write on each of the aforementioned topics until you were blue in the eyes from reading, but i'll just stop.

and go to bed.

xo to all you silly sister followers. (carebear, you are officially recognized in that very special class of women)

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accident said...

i finally stopped obsessing/over-analyzing my bullshit kitchen floor. it's done. it's fixed. i can move on.